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This Multi O.S. Local Source Installer will get files from a Local Directory and Create an Installer with them. Two Shortcuts are then made to support the execution of the installed program, a Launcher and an Uninstall Program. Shortcuts are made in both Linux and Windows. Tested only on Ubuntu due to limited project Management. To join the project and get the source code and source support email . The Install Maker Application has a very simple layout. All contained within a single window is a form that when filled out will make an Executable JAR file Installer. The only requirement outside of a supported O.S. Is Java. Java must be installed in order to Execute the JAR file Installer. The application will Install and Create Shortcuts for JAR programs of any type as long as there is an Executable JAR specified in the Executable Field when filling out the form. EXE programs have also been tested in Windows. Testing was limited and has only been tested on Windows XP Home and Ubuntu Linux 10.04 NetBook Release. If any bugs are found please report them at the previously given email address.


JAVA Install Maker Free is Free to Distribute and May be Used to Sell Installable Software.